About us

We are a fully licensed domestic telecommunications operator, with extensive global reach, whose main focus is on serving a large community of corporate clients.  Our excellence enables us to provide connectivity and voice & data services to many well established telecommunications carriers, whose demanding criteria for quality, redundancy and support is a manifest of the highest recognition on what we have achieved over the years.

Gold Telecom is truly delighted to deliver communications services proven with first class quality & reliability, prompt, old-fashioned Customer Care. Our portfolio of clients includes many blue chip international companies: leading global call centres, diplomatic corp, insurance & banking, transport & shipping companies, tour operators, many large commercial enterprises and a host of renowned international telecommunications operators.

Our portfolio of services includes the provision of first class telephony for national and international calls, Geographic & Non-Geographic numbers (Free Phone, National Rate 0700) and much more.

If you are looking to upgrade your (older) telephone system to a state-of-the-art advanced communications solution, we would advise you, supply and implement it for you.  When you demand reducing your monthly telephony outgoings, we shall offer you much lower prices, but retain your existing telephone numbers - transparently and without any downtime.
Whilst we do not compromise on quality, we will afford you with old-fashioned care and courtesy, that many want but few receive.  Should you prefer we can advise you on how to harness your dynamically growing and evolving needs, we will take the time to explain exactly how we will achieve it and not charge for our consultancy expertise. 

Our Technical Support operate around the clock and monitor the entire (national & international) network and connectivity at all Points-Of-Presence (Sofia, Frankfurt & London), as we know that our clients expect nothing short of excellent quality and reliability.  Your telecommunications needs (Telephony, Internet/Data, etc.) are essential to you and/or your business, therefore we are focused on maintaining our services uninterrupted.  We do not simply provide best quality and save you money, we care about your prosperity and will go much further on helping you do that.  

Gold Telecom is YOUR COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT, who TREAT YOU as a true PARTNER and not just as a customer.


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