We kindly inform you, that, Gold Telecom Bulgaria will further enhance our technical support, which itself would necessitate some minimal additional charges - for covering associated cost rises.

The introduction of an additional fee for the following services, would be based on the outlined below attributes:


  1. The continuously rising prices of all our contracted services result in an increase of our costs, which - if not addressed, may well lead to a gradual deterioration of the excellent quality technical support we extend to all customers;

  2. The charged fees will be reasonable and strictly correlate to the incremental rise of costs, related to those services.  The minimal increase is aimed at purely covering our direct incurred costs;

  3. Although we make tremendous efforts to shoulder the increasing operating costs, it is impossible to ignore the ever-increasing expectations and more demanding requirements of corporate clients for the provision of a free-of-charge, 24x7 Technical Support.   Whilst part of our business model, the support services are not directly related to the normal functioning of the telecommunication services provided by us, yet they reflect the upward pressure of costs due to global inflation processes.

 Recently, we rolled out additional value-added set of IT related services, directly benefiting many customers by affording them the opportunity to receive valuable IT support services – on demand, at the lowest charges.  An accompanying hands-on technical expertise & support would be extended from: Mon–Fri, 9:30 - 17:30.

 Management  - Gold Telecom Bulgaria

Introduction of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120


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