Notification of new Prices

Dear clients, 

According to the official data from the National Statistical Institute, the accumulated inflation for 2022 was 16.90%*. 

Due to the official annual inflation level, we hereby kindly inform you that "Gold Telecom Bulgaria" has implemented an increase of the monthly subscription price – effective 1 June each year.


The increase reflects the market economic forces and reflect on the annual inflation index, officially published by the Government - related to the outlines below objective facts: 

  1. Persistent increase of prices for all services we contract, also  leads to higher overall costs;
  2. The formation of our fee reflects closely the minimum fees applicable / associated with these services;
  3. Although we make serious efforts to counteract the increasing operating costs, it is nonetheless impossible to continue subsidizing  costs over time - related to the fundamental overlying cost for running profitably the portfolio of our telecommunications services.

The increase is outlined below, as follows:

          - BGN 10, without VAT per line (Analogue/SIP) for a customer, who has signed a contract for another year;

         - BGN 12 without VAT per line (Analogue/SIP) for a customer whose timed contract expired, but not renewed (i.e. an open-ended/interruptible).


The change will be implemented from 1 July 2023. 

The customers who have a fixed-term contract, are not affected by the implementation of the increases – until the expiry of the contract.


Gold Telecom Bulgaria

Introduction of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120


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