Fixed Telephony

By deploying a high-quality IP telephony technology, we can supply you with new telephone lines and numbers (Geographic & Non-Geographic) and thus let you take the opportunity to maximize your savings by replacing the traditional operator's services.

Therefore, we can fully integrate your Data & Internet traffic with voice telephony and provide you with a very efficient communication solution, so you get more for less.

Carrier Selection

  The service is based on directing all your outgoing calls (via Vivacom lines) automatically over Gold Telecom national and international network, by using our license code 01006 in one of the following ways :

- By programming your PBX to automatically adding the access code, which does not affect the normal way of how your equipment works.

- By using a "Dialer" device, which instantly adds our access code, if/when your existing telephone system (PBX) does not have such functionality, or should you only have direct lines. Indeed, you will continue to dial all national & international numbers exactly the same as before.

You choose Gold Telecom alternative outgoing calls service to significantly reduce your monthly costs of calls to fixed and mobile numbers. 


We can provide you excellent Internet connectivity, thanks to our partnership with leading Bulgarian and international operators

Telephone systems

Construction and maintenance of high-class telecommunications solutions, ie departmental headquarters of the new generation and specific functionality based on your specific needs.


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